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                1. Hotline:400-900-9059

                  Suzhou Digital-health Care

                  Suzhou Digital-health Care Co. Ltd. was  founded in 2010 . Specializing in developing dental surgery and training products, our aim is to introduce digital technologies into the dental field and to build a precise and friendly operating environment for the dentists and dental students.

                  Through cooperation with dental schools and hospitals, we have established a product-developing network, which links the dental students, dental specialists and patients with us. Our innovative training solutions, products and services are used in more than 20 schools in China. From 2016, all the employees of Suzhou Digital-health Care have been committed to creating maximum value for American and European dental industry.

                  In 2016, it was appraised as "national high-tech enterprise" and "Jiangsu software enterprise"

                  Three types of medical equipment registration certificate in 2016

                  In 2013, it was named as the leading enterprise of the innovation and Entrepreneurship of Suzhou and the leading enterprises of the Suzhou Industrial Park

                  In 2013, it was awarded the title of the small and medium sized enterprises in Jiangsu province and the private science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu province.

                  The company has the core patent of the global layout, the ten items of the software copyright

                  The company won the top five of the first group in the national finals of innovation China, and at the same time obtains the innovation China

                  2012 medical and health special third, "innovation star" and other awards

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